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Cardano is the first blockchain platform to be built through peer-reviewed research, to be secure enough to protect the data of billions, scalable enough to accommodate global systems, and robust enough to support foundational change.

The Pool, TTS17

Nodes are hosted on a fully redundant independently hosted platform across multiple sites each with its own high bandwidth, low-latency internet connection!

What is a Stake Pool?
In Proof-of-Stake, stake pools servers participate in the blockchain by being elected to create blocks to confirm transactions for the blockchain. Similar to mining, stake pools and their stakers receive rewards for creating blocks.
When do I get ADA Rewards?
Rewards in your wallet appear 15 - 20 days after staking to a pool. Rewards are distributed automatically. Refer to the Delegation Cycle for details.
How are Rewards Calculated?
Every epoch (5-day cycle), a stake pool's rewards are totaled based on a stake pool's performance, which is the number of blocks the pool made vs. the number they are expected to make.
How do I Stake ADA?
By using a wallet interface like Daedalus or Yoroi, you can stake your ADA through a delegation center.
Will I lose ADA while Staking?
No. By staking, there is no risk of losing ADA. Also, you do not send ADA out of your wallet to stake.

There is an initial 2 ADA deposit in order to stake that is refunded if you do not want to stake to any pool anymore.
What if a Stake Pool is Hacked?
Stake pools do not contain any staker's ADA or private information about their wallet, so your ADA is safe while delegating. A stake pool that is compromised may yield lower returns or lose their pledge.

Wallets to fund and delegate with

Deadalus Wallet

visit Yoroi Website

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